Katie Jeanes


great RESULTS, no jargon

done for you

Tell me what your business goals are and I’ll set you up to get there.

“Done for you” growth marketing strategies are based on your targets, rooted in your historical data and industry research, implemented by me, and then automated, meaning once they are set up, you don’t have to do much to maintain them. 

Great for shorthanded teams who need good help fast.

done with you

This is where you and/or your team learn how to fish.

“Done with you” coaching programs deliver the same excellent results as “done for you” projects, but you’ll learn how to execute them yourself and implement as you go. Once you’ve launched your first campaign, you’ll have the tools and the skill set to create future growth on your own.

Great for teams who want to do their own marketing in-house.



Every project includes a suite of educational resources, if not to do your marketing, to identify your needs and help you hire the best people for the job. Digital marketing can be intimidating, but it’s not hard. It’s really just science, art, and making conversation. 


Engage your customers in fun and innovative ways


Build trust with your customers at each stage of their journey


Add value for your customers through teaching and learning


Analyze and optimize each stage of the program, no more guessing


Hit your targets, scale your marketing, grow your business


Support your customers on their schedule, and free up your own



I’ve worked with big-name clients including Google, Intel, Xero, General Assembly, the University of Sydney, and the United Nations. I’ve also worked with small clients like tech startups, marketing agencies, and solopreneurs. The scale is different, but the principle is the same: find the people who need you and keep solving their problems.

I’ve also had a few of my own startups over the years, so I know how to grow quickly when things are going well, and how to be flexible when things are changing. 

Data-driven marketing is my thing. Whether it’s historical data or industry data, there is so much information available to analyze when it comes to making good choices with your marketing. This is absolutely the greatest asset of any business and my favourite part of any project. I’m also the person who makes spreadsheets for fun and used pivot tables to plan my wedding. Plus, I’m really good at math. 

I like pizza, puns, the colour green, and hanging out with my seven nieces and nephews. Depending on the client, I can spell it “favourite” or “favorite” and “colour” or “color”, but since I’m Canadian, I’ll stick with “favourite” and colour” for now.